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Some of my bags are made using Portugese cork from the cork oak tree – a completely renewable, sustainable and recyclable product. Cork fabric , also known as cork skin or cork leather, is a high quality, natural fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Much of the production is hand crafted. These thin cork sheets are laminated to a fabric support backing using a specialized proprietary technique. The grade of the backing varies depending on the use of the cork fabric.

The durability of the cork fabric is remarkable. To prevent staining, the cork fabric is protected with a fabric protection spray. In terms of durability, cork fabric wears similarly to leather which is another reason this cork fabric is often called Cork Leather. The main difference between cork leather and regular leather is cork leather can get wet - actually it can be washed using hot water in a washing machine.

Cork fabric is durable as leather and as versatile as fabric. This material is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, water resistant and stain resistant as well as easily cleaned and long lasting. The innovative characteristics of cork fabric are unique and original.


Faux leather is as diverse as real leather, and different varieties are made from different synthetic fibers. Faux leather, also called vegan leather, is a manmade fabric that is manufactured to look like real leather but contains no animal parts whatsoever. The two major types of faux leather are vinyl (PVC) and polyurethane. The first is a result of adding dye and plastic materials to vinyl, which gives the fabric a more real leather look. Vinyl-based faux leather is more flexible than polyurethane but not breathable, so it is not used for clothing. Polyurethane-based faux leather is made by coating natural fabrics like cotton or wool with a polymer-based substance, then treating it to look like real leather. This type of faux leather is more breathable than vinyl-based leather, and it is used more for clothing and items that will come in contact with your skin.